I’m Bored Unless I’m Drunk, But Is That Actually a Problem?

I’m Bored Unless I’m Drunk, But Is That Actually a Problem?

I know I should jump on my treadmill and walk but I don’t want to. I’ll what is a sober living house probably end up putting on a movie and eating until it’s bedtime.

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The problem I have with being bored and trying to quit is that nothing I like to do seems interesting without the alcohol. It clears my head, let’s me think, presents answers to questions that would never come when I’m sat at my desk. I listen to audio books or podcasts while I’m walking, I get too restless to do that while I’m sat at home. I’m breathing fresh air, getting exercise, and a change of environment. The great news is that you now have many options, an endless supply of options. When you were drinking, cracking open a bottle was the default option, now that you can’t go there you have to think about other things to do.

Default Behavior

It’s very common for people, especially those with additional mental health issues like depression and anxiety, to drink out of boredom. Take care of your body by staying active. Exercise is a powerful way to rebuild your body in recovery and a healthy coping skill. It’s a way to care for yourself by committing to a practice that releases positive, mood-enhancing endorphins and alleviates stress. Finding a new activity and hobby such as working out can provide something to look forward to each day. Finding resources for ongoing drinking issues, even when simply drinking out of boredom, can make a world of difference. Catching signs of abuse early also minimizes the risks of adverse health effects and increases the probability of achieving sobriety much more quickly.

Are you healthier if you dont drink?

Drinking alcohol also causes other long-term health problems. Stopping drinking lowers the risk of: Heart disease, stroke10 and high blood pressure. Liver disease.

The first few days were easier than the last few days. 1) Generalized anxiety is at about a 7/10… That feeling that something is wrong or that I forgot something important, mixed with a https://en.forexrobotron.info/definition-of-halfway-house/ bit of dread. Activities that use both your hands and brain like crosswords, cross-stitching, and jigsaw puzzles can keep you occupied and your mind off any pain or negative feelings.

Final Note on Feeling Bored in Sobriety

Many people use alcoholic beverages to enhance experiences. Drinking at concerts, sporting events, and dinner can, as one casual drinker put it, transform a situation into a moment. The problem is that overindulgence or even regular drinking is known to cause a number of health issues. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States. It’s responsible for more than 95,000 deaths annually. If you take positive, healthy steps in your program of recovery, and in your life in general, increased well-being, happiness and yes, even fun, will come to you.

Is it boring not to drink?

It's pretty normal to reduce the entire experience of boredom in sobriety to missing alcohol and believing that getting drunk is the primary way you (and everyone else) have fun. In fact, when you first quit, it feels like everyone in the world is out getting drunk but you. The FOMO can be maddening.

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